Ready to stand with you to be a voice for Biblical Justice!

We passionately believe that the pursuit of justice is an important element of the biblical command to love our neighbors. For Christians living as ambassadors for Christ in the world, however, our pursuit of justice must remain focused on biblical justice as defined by our Creator and as revealed in the Bible.

What is Biblical Justice?

Biblical Justice is the protection of those most fundamental, inherent, and inalienable rights given by God and as set forth in our nation’s and this Commonwealth’s original founding documents.

Justice according to God does not waiver according to every whim of culture that may rise to demand a new social order or the creation of new personal rights. Rather, biblical justice means doing right according to God’s eternal and unchanging standards and moral law.

Justice Defense Foundation of Kentucky (JDF) will accomplish its mission through proclaiming and pursuing biblical justice.

This includes loving our neighbors by raising up and equipping Christian men and women in education and discipleship to protect and advance religious liberties and biblical foundations for community flourishing as God intends through standing, building, providing, and defending.


on the foundation of God’s Word and in the power of the Holy Spirit.


resources, training, and one another to serve as effective ambassadors for Christ as bridge builders in our communities.


a forum and voice for Biblical perspectives on legal and cultural issues in the marketplace, public square, and public schools.


promote, and advance the legal rights of Christians in the marketplace, the public square, and the public schools.

Clint Elliot

Clint Elliott, Executive Director

Our Team

With over two decades of ministry and legal experience, we are ready to stand with you and be a voice for Biblical Justice in our Commonwealth!

Clint Elliott is honored to lead the charge for JDF as an important aspect of who we are in community together. Our team is deeply motivated by helping and defending those in need, as displayed by varied legal and ministry experience over the years.

"The Lord of hosts is exalted in justice." Isaiah 5:16

Our commitment to our nation’s first principles drives our commitment to protect you, your church, your ministry, and your faith.

Partner With Us

Through the generous support of invested donors, the Justice Defense Foundation accomplishes this mission by providing access to informed educational leaders and committed Christian attorneys at no cost to those who cannot otherwise afford or have access to timely counsel and representation. Christian individuals and organizations who are unjustly challenged for the exercise of their faith, or who simply seek to navigate the culture by standing on conviction and conscience for the common good, deserve a voice in the effort to return our Commonwealth to its moral foundation for the sake of the next generation.

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