Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up

Written by Clint Elliott

Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up - Remembering Henry Blackaby

When my wife and I became Christians in our 30s, Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God study helped illuminate the rich Christian life available to all believers. As Henry Blackaby explained throughout the study, God is always working in the world around us. And because God loves us, He shows us what He is doing and invites us to join Him in that work. This teaching draws from the words of Jesus recorded in John 5:17-20.

Not long after completing that study, I sat at a small breakfast table in a hotel in Canada preparing for another day of training for Christian lawyers. As I contemplated my breakfast, a man sauntered up with a muffin in hand and asked if he could join me. As he sat and engaged me in conversation, I immediately recognized him as Henry Blackaby, the man who had so impacted my young Christian walk. Yet, instead of a sense of awe, I found myself breaking bread with a friend.  Although Henry was a man who could expect celebrity status, his presence carried the humble aroma of Christ. 

At the same time, I saw in Pastor Blackaby a person who did not shirk back nor compromise when confronting the evil of this present age. Near the end of our training time, Pastor Blackaby addressed the room of Christian lawyers and lamented how the church had stood by while evil advanced in our culture. He explained that these things happened because the church had failed to show up, the church had failed to stand up, and the church had failed to speak up. This recognition invited many nods and affirmations in the room. . . . But then Pastor Blackaby said this: Ladies and gentlemen, we’re the church!

Jesus instructs us to look to see where God is at work and join Him. Often, joining Him requires that we show up, stand up, and speak up as a herald of good news and truth. Where do you see those opportunities around you today?

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